In my work continuously throughout the study at the Academy until now I deal exclusively with painting. The idea of my work is simple – to paint contemporary urban environment in the traditional way of open-air painting. The subject matter is about environments, things and places we can see every day, which transfered through the medium of oil painting acquire new fresh angle of view. Painting representation as honest „celebration of everyday life“, which explores author’s social environment and his joy of life in the city.

I like applying method of plein-air painting at a new urban environments. Painting of industrial objects, whether functional, abandoned or converted to the new feature I also gradually develop as my favorite sub-genre of Cityscape painting and an integral part of modern urban landscape.

In painting I prefer the freshness of immediate painting record against perfectionism of veristic painting. The resulting images are intended to pass on the viewer part of an adventure which open-air painting in an urban environment certainly is. To convey to them a piece of explorers nature of mind, which I transfer to my painting, especially in the search for motives in urbanized country.

In general the city is for me material for research. Although the main aim is to pass on to the viewer painting action out of “comfort zone”, the choice of topics is usually sophisticated and deals with either some overlooked interesting part of the city, banality, or thematise contemporary visual trash of our cities, which are paradoxically very picturesque, thus paintings developed in this way become also a living document of this time. Plein air painting in the context of contemporary painting is at the periphery, one of the reasons is the difficulty and assumption of the author, who likes to test limits while painting outdoors and is not afraid to go “against stream” – the mainstream of current major trends in the field of painting. Cityscape plein-air painting seems to be a landscape painting genre that is not outmoded and nowadays has an extensive field of exploring painting themes and technical approaches. Plein-air painting is reduced to an education tool in Sunday schools of painting and preparatory courses for art novices. My long-term intention is to raise awareness of the Cityscape painting genre. Authentic fresh plein-air painting, which does not provide only good content, but also the form, in the current situation of excess of technically reproducible visual images appears to be one of the good possible ways, where painting can move.


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